Conserve.  Reuse. Reduce Waste.

Calumeo Clean is the first point-of-care device that effectively processes N95 masks for reuse, without the use of chemicals, in just over one hour.

The Current N95 Crisis

N95 respirators are specialized, single-use face masks that form a complete seal around the nose and mouth, effictively filtering out airborne viruses. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a critical shortage of N95 masks and the U.S. Department of Health and Human services estimates that 3.5 billion N95 masks will be needed in this year alone.

While, 3M, the largest domestic manufacturer of N95s, aims to produce only 400 million this year, in aggregate, only 1% of the needed N95 supply is currently available for use in the U.S. This inspired CAlumeo to develop a device to process N95s for reuse.

Challenge with Current Solutions

Most existing solutions use vaporous hydrogen peroxide for disinfection.


Drawbacks of this technology include:

  • Long process times (>8 hrs)

  • Offsite processing (requiring significant infrastructure to collect and re-distribute masks)

  • Mask not returned to original user

  • Persistent noxious odor

  • Skin irritation



An award winning, point-of-care solution for N95 reuse. 

Non-chemical cleaning (unlike vaporous hydrogen peroxide method, we use heat)

Short cycle time (approximately 75 minutes)

Easy to Use

Extends the life of a mask fivefold


Keeps healthcare workers safe

Calumeo Offers



Processes your personal mask


 Functions reliably for 5 donnings


How Calumeo Helps

Increased access to clean N95s

Increases access to clean N95s

Safeguard continuous patient care with fewer mask shortages

Reduces waste from N95s

Safeguards patient care with fewer mask shortages

Fewer expired N95s with safe reuse of a disposable product (up to 5x)

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